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The following Akitas are being listed as a free service to Rescues, Shelters and Owners. We make every effort to post timely, accurate, and reliable information.  However, these dogs have not been evaluated for temperament or health by a MARS Representative and MARS accepts no responsibility for their direct placement. We are available for assistance and consultation to help insure the best placement and transition.

 Tundra  Tundra

Ballwin, MO

"If there were beauty pageants for dogs, I'd definitely win!  My name is Tundra.  I am a 6 year old female pure bred Akita. I love people, get excited when I receive any attention, and know my standard commands. I have been  around a small baby/toddler daily and have shown no signs of problems. But I really don't like other dogs living with me.  I love attention and I love meeting new people. Like a true Akita, I am loyal and affectionate.  I am up to date on all vaccinations and I'm spayed. I've had both ACLs surgically repaired and suffer no issues from past injuries. I have no other known health problems. But although I am a beauty and love my family, they can't take care of me any more.  So I'm looking for a new home.  The best type of home for me is one with someone who wants nothing more than a companion. Is that you?"

For more information, contact Claire Lauber  at claire.lauber@gmail.com

 Bailey  Bailey

Marion, OH

"So I was walking down the street, minding my own business when someone saw me and took me to the local Humane Society in Marion.  They call me Bailey.  I'm a 2-year old female Akita mix.  I've been with these nice people at the Marion Area Humane Society since January, but I really want a "fur"ever home.  I love playing with children and riding in cars.  I don't like cats or small dogs, but I'm good with bigger dogs.  I'm protective and playful, and have some separation anxiety.  I'm up-to-date on shots, and don't have a bite record.  Do you have a good home for me?"

For more information, contact Halley Lane at 740-389-6548 or manager@mahspets.org

 Winston  Winston

Iowa City, IA

"I'll bet you're thinking what a handsome boy I am.  My name is Winston.  I am a 7-year old Akita who needs a new home.  Why?  Because silly me, I killed the neighbor's cat, and they turned me in.  I found a new home, but I had an incident with some dogs walking too close to me.  So I need another new home real soon.  I am well behaved otherwise.  I've been to obedience class.  I'm neutered, house broken and up to date on shots.  I love people, but not their cats, and maybe not their dogs.  So if you have a home with only people, I'll be happy.  Please give me a chance."

For more information, contact Deanna O'Brien  at marsakita@sbcglobal.net


 Saint  Saint

Youngstown, OH

"Hello, my name is Saint, and I live up to my name.  I am a 5 year old Akita who was rescued from a homeless woman in Youngstown by the city's homeless care nurse. I am fully vaccinated, and recovering nicely from being neutered.  I will be microchipped before I leave the local "no kill shelter,"  so I'll soon be ready for my forever home.  I am very friendly and a big boy who weighs a healthy 87 lbs.. I am house trained, and social. I'm very active, and need a home with active individual/s too.  Are you the one who will take in a saint?"

For more information, please contact Nicole Beckner-Litz at  nikkimom2rn@gmail.com  or 330-506-7709. 

 Kahlua  Kahlua

Allegan, MI

"This gorgeous girl, Kahlua, was found as a stray. She appears to be a young Shepherd/Akita mix. Not much more is known about her.  Visit the Wishbone Pet Rescue web site if you have a place in your heart and home for her."

For more information, please contact the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance

 Pure  Pure

Grant Park, IL

"Available for adoption: 12 month old spayed female Akita "Pure". Large & full of energy. To arrange a "meet & greet" contact Cecilia at: akitaland@aol.com"

For more information, please email Cecilia at akitaland@aol.com

 Daisy   Daisy

Prophetstown, IL

"Hi, my name is Daisy - a sweet name for a sweet girl. I am a 4-year old Akita mix and I weigh about 50 lbs. I am a very gentle girl, and I take treats gently from your hand. I am full of energy, needing a firm hand on the leash. But I listen well and will come when called. My favorite treat? A good belly rub! I travel well in the car too, and love car rides. I am not particularly fond of other dogs or cats. So if I’m your only four-legged friend, that would be great! I am spayed, current on shots, and I take my preventative heartworm medicine like a good girl. I wish I could stay with my humans, but right now I’m living in a boarding kennel because they can’t take care of me like they wish they could. My human dad has terminal cancer, so it’s not feasible for them to take care of me. All my humans want for me is proper care and exercise, and to finally know the love of my own family in my own home. Being in the boarding kennel here isn’t quite the same. Do you have the perfect home for me? Do you have a heart full of love for a beautiful girl?"

For more information, please call Judy Welbourne at (815) 590-2218 or email her at welbourne@essex1.com

 Chuck   Chuck

Grand Ledge, MI

"Who is this serious fellow?  My name is Chuck.  I am a 7-year old male Akita in need of a new home.  Don't let these photos fool you, though.  I'm really a big, goofy boy, I'm independent and loving.  I'm good with dogs that have low activity levels and I ignore those other four-legged creatures you humans call cats.  I am neutered and up-to-date on my rabies.  My best environment would be with a single adult.  I live with mom and dad right now, but they are expecting a wee one, and will be moving soon.  Sadly, I can't go with them.  If you can take me home soon, that would make me happy."

 For more information, please call Adam Horrocks at 517-202-6207 or email him at turbotempest@hotmail.com

 Niki  Niki

Sardinia, OH

"Hello, Niki here.  I don't have to tell you what a beauty I am, because you can see that in my pictures.  I am a seven-year old female Akita looking for a new home.  My human has owned me since I was a pup at five weeks.  I was with other dogs a lot my first year, but not socialized much after that.  I love being exercised, and need to get out on a regular basis.  I like people and children, but not so much other dogs.  It depends on the dog.  Sometimes I'm really sweet, and other times aggressive, especially with females.   But I don't have a bite record.  I've been spayed and I'm current on rabies.  Sadly, though, I'm looking for a new home because my human is moving and can't take me with him.  I would probably do best in a home without other pets.  If you can take me before the end of October, I'd be a really happy girl!"

For more information, please contact Tim Hensley at: 859-426-0441 or thensley0422@gmail.com

 Boomer Boomer

Sadie Sadie

Brooklyn, IA

"Siblings Boomer and Sadie here!  But there is no rivalry between us.  That's me, Boomer, in the top two photos.  I have been an outdoor dog all of my life. I am in a pen next to my sister- Sadie.  That's her in the bottom two photos.  I don't like cats or other small animals. I am more of a hunter and I will kill cats, squirrels and raccoons if I catch them. I do better with humans.  I am friendly and always excited to see people, but I don't have much training. I am about 100 lbs and brindle. And a big lover.  I am neutered, and I don't have a bite record.  I am not current on rabies, but my owner will take care of that before he re-homes me.  I am 8 1/2 years old.

Sadie speaking!  I've been an outdoor dog all of my life, too. I am in a pen next to my brother, Boomer. We are penned separately because I am protective of my food and will show aggression. I am friendly and always excited to see people, though, but I don't have much training. I am about 70 lbs.  I am not spayed, have no bite record and not current on rabies.  My owner will get me my rabies shot before I'm re-homed.  I am 8 1/2 years old.

So why do we need a new home?  Our owner is on the move!  He is no longer living in our home and we need a lot more attention then we are being provided.  We would love to stay together, but understand if we have to go to separate homes." 

For more information, please contact Damon at: damon.winegarden@yahoo.com

   Taja  Taja   

Park Rapids, MN

"Good day to you.  My name is Taja - a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.  I can't tell you much about myself.  I wandered away from home, and these lovely people at Headwaters Animal Shelter found me and took me in.  They think I am about two years old.  They did learn, though, that I am very friendly with people and have never shown any aggression towards them. I have never bitten anyone here either. They haven't put me with any four-legged friends yet, so they do not know how I am around other dogs or cats. I am very good on my leash and walk well.  I am not a jumper, but I love to run when put in my kennel. The humans here tell me I will be spayed and UTD on my shots prior to adoption. I will make a great pet for anyone who knows about the Akita breed and has a large area for me to exercise. Is that your home?"

For more details, please call Rochelle Hamp at 218-237-7100 or email her at dogs@headwaters.org.  

   Bear    Bear


"My name is Bear, I am a mix of Pinto Akita and Shepherd. My birthday is 2/24/2010. I am 3 years old and weigh about 60 pounds. I have been spayed and micro chipped. I have had all shots and heartworm medicine. My mom had a stroke and has to move into a home for disabled people. My breed is not allowed at her new home. Mom wants me to have a home for the rest of my life. I play well with other dogs and have been with other dogs forever. I am an excellent watch dog and friend . I don't tolerate cats and am not for a home with small children. I am house trained and crate trained I was used to my owners working long hours and am ok with that. I will bring with me my own crate and some toys. Sometimes I like to just sit in my crate and rest. I am sometimes skittish due to having been mistreated before my mom got me. I have had a loving home and if it weren't for my mom's medical condition and need for new living arrangements would not be looking for a new owner. If you can provide a forever home for me and regular veterinary care please call my Mom!"  

For more details, please contact Ann at amgeiger@gmail.com or call 219-363-2051.

   Hero    Hero

Seward, NE

"Who is this handsome boy, you ask?  My name is Hero.  I am almost 3 yrs old, and weigh 91 lbs.  If you're wondering where I get my regal airs from, it's because I am an AKC registered Akita. I am also a great watch dog. I listen well and know basic obedience commands. I am up to date on all my shots, including rabies.  I'm neutered, and I have the pet tracker implant. As wonderful as I am, you may be wondering why I need a new home.  It's because I don't get along well with children.  I nipped one in the past when I got spooked.  I do get nervous sometimes and I am very particular about who I like, especially kids.  So of course it stands to reason that my new owner can't have children.  As my new owner, you will be interviewed, as I am selective who I take to.  Are you that special person for me?"

For more details, please contact Zeke at phzeke@yahoo.com

   Bella    Bella

Scio, OH

"After adopting Bella from the Harrison Co. Dog pound, the new owner found out that Bella does not like children, men or other dogs & she has a 4 yr. old child that Bella has growled at. The child loves Bella, Bella loved child, but one day when the child held up his plastic glass to show mom he drank all his milk, Bella put out a low growl that accelerated into a loud growl. That warranted the caution the mom is taking now to re-home Bella.

Her breed is a guess, but very possibly an Akita/Shep mix or Akita/Husky mix. She might be spayed, and is estimated under 2 years old. She weighs 50-60#.

Bella's behavior has dramatically improved over the last few months while waiting for her new home.  She gets along very well with the other male dogs in the house, but isn't always tolerant of the female Italian Greyhound.  She has also become best friends with her human dad.

Bella takes off if she escapes and tries to wiggle out of her martingale collar, but walks calmly by your side in a fenced yard.  She loves being groomed and getting bathed. The family is working with her begging during meal time.  Bella's favorite place in the house is in front of the window, even with the freedom of a doggie door.  Despite her improvement, she would do best in a home without other dogs, or only with a male dog.

You can find out more about her antics on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BellaisasweetAkitaxneedingrescueoradoption

The owner doesn't want her to have to go back to the pound but she wants her son to be safe and her health is not good.  Bella's need is fairly URGENT. "

For more details, please contact Robin at robin_mcclelland@frontier.com.

   Archie    Archie

Spring Grove, IL

"Hey there!  I'm Archie, a sweet 4-month old Akita mix male puppy. I am fully vetted but not neutered. I am trained and I get along well with other dogs, although I'm a little shy.  I'm currently with an all-breed rescue, but I would rather live in a home where the owners have experience with an Akita.  Would that be yours?"

For more details, please contact Connie McDonald at 815-675-6544 or 815-342-4250

   Illinois Animal Rescue  

Wheaton, IL

"Hello!  I am a handsome one-year old fully vetted Akita mix.  I'm good with other dogs, neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on shots.  But what I want the most are a forever home and a name.  Will you take me home?"

For more details, please contact Sally at Curtsshorty67@aol.com or 402-650-8729

JJ and Doegie

J.J. And Deogie

This is J.J. And Deogie. They were born in June 2010. They are both very beautiful and loving pups and are great with all people, young and old alike. These wonderful babies desperately need a loving home a.s.a.p. They are housebroken, love to fetch, play and run and love attention! Please help.

Contact Robin at 740-689-7548

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