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The following Akitas are being listed as a free service to Rescues, Shelters and Owners. We make every effort to post timely, accurate, and reliable information.  However, these dogs have not been evaluated for temperament or health by a MARS Representative and MARS accepts no responsibility for their direct placement. We are available for assistance and consultation to help insure the best placement and transition.

River  River


French Lick, IN

"Who is this gentle soul? My name is River.  I am an Akita mix between one and two years old.  Nobody knows for sure because I was picked up as a stray.  I'm in foster care right now through the Springs Valley Pet Services, but need to find a foster-based rescue as soon as possible, or even my forever home.  I'm slowly adjusting to people.  Men are taking me a little longer.  When in foster care with Springs Valley, I growled at every male I came in contact with. I never tried biting them, though. And I howled constantly, only because I wanted to be inside right next to my humans. As the weeks went by, I wasn't howling, and I even stopped growling once I got used to the men here in foster care. I almost got adopted by a family near here.  They worked hard with me, but brought me back after 3 weeks. I just couldn't get used to the male in the home. I am back in my original foster care and I've made huge strides. I no longer growl at the men here at all, I do extremely well with the other four dogs, I haven't bothered the cats and I have been around my human's children (one and five years old) without being on a leash. I'm neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on prevention. I am enjoying being outside now that the weather is warmer and I love having playmates.

As much as I've adjusted, I really need a home that has people with patience. I need time to warm up to people. And if there's children in the home, they need to be older so that they aren't picking on me. Having other dogs for playmates would make my transition easier. I need to be rescued soon, but only by someone who is familiar with the breed and by someone who has the patience to work with me. The shelter is willing to help with transport, if necessary.  

For more information email Jennifer Hill at jmlowe1@gmail.com, or call her at 812-653-0812. 

Kei  Kei


Amissville, VA

"Something is amiss in Amissville.  How can a handsome boy like me not have a forever home?  Hello, my name is Kei.  I am a three-year-old easy going Akita for the most part. I am a very sweet boy. I am well-mannered and know stay and sit. And I have an easy mouth when taking treats or food. I have never shown aggression to any person or child, or bitten a human, but I did bite the female Akita who lives with me. Oh, and I don't like cats either. I am current on rabies, and generally healthy except for a genetic left hip issue. Mom gives me glucosamine in my food and that really helps. So why do I need a new home?  Well, ever since mom and dad separated, I haven't gotten along with my four-legged sister.  Perhaps it's because there isn't a man of the house to keep me in line.  I used to behave for him, so I'm sure I'll behave in a household with a strong male presence.  I relate well to men and obey them.  So is your house one that can give me the love and TLC I need?"

 For more information email Melissa Niedbalski at mniedbalski@yahoo.com, or call her at 618-972-5955. 

Dozer  Dozer    


South Haven, MI

"Winter is coming, so is the snow!  And I'm all set with my pure white coat.  Hello my name is Dozer! I'm an Akita/Shepherd mix about one year old.  I'm very sweet, and LOVE playtime. Both my breeds are very independent and extremely intelligent. I love to explore and do new things daily.  So I need an active home that will keep up with me, and a leader to teach me new things.  I'm a big boy and unfortunately that's the reason why I was dropped off. I am special needs because I have hip dysplasia and need joint supplements and possible surgery.  I'm neutered and current on my rabies.  I'm a very good boy but I need your help!"

If you would love to meet me please call Angela Miedema at the Al-Van Human Society at 269-637-5062.  Or email her at AngelaMiedema@al-van.org

Izzy  Izzy    


Gas City, IN

"If you’re thinking I’m soft and cuddly, you’re right! My name is Izzy. I’m a female Akita about three years old. I am an inside dog only. I’m house broken and was raised with dogs & cats. I’m a very sweet lovable girl who, yes, DOES loves to cuddle. I know some basic commands, like sit, down, and shake. My rescuers don’t know much about my medical history, though. I was given to them as an owner surrender. My ONLY flaw is that I am food aggressive towards other dogs & cats. I’ve lived with them, but I’m very protective of my food. So I would do best as the only fur baby in a home. Is that home yours? Let me keep your feet warm this winter!"

If you would love to meet me please call Adrienne Stambaugh at the Marion Grant County Humane Society at 765-667-5372.  Or email her at AdrienneStambaugh@yahoo.com

Boo  Boo    


Madison, WI

My name is Boo. I am 4-year-old female Akita. I came from a breeder who mass produces Akitas in Arkansas, but now I'm safe in Madison, Wisconsin, do you believe people do that? I myself have been used for having puppies too. It is “my” turn, yes MINE, to have a mom and dad who will love me without making me provide babies.

I am very soft and love all people, will you pet me? I have been raised with children and love being in the house. I also don’t mind if you need to put me in a crate, I feel safe in it. Plus, these nice people spayed me, NO more babies for me! I really need to be the only fur-baby or have a “nice” fur-brother.

If you would love to pet/meet me please call my human guardian angel, Sherry Lockrem at (651) 246-8167. Hope to meet you soon!! Boo

Smba Simba   


Belleville, MI

"Who is this serious-looking boy?  My name is Simba.  I'm a lovable 3-year old Akita.  But don't let the serious face fool you.  I love to play.  I'm comfortable around other dogs and very frisky with them.  I've had some obedience training and did well. I am comfortable around people as long as the environment is peaceful and welcoming. I just need a little time to warm up to them.  I'm used to residing in my large kennel.  I've never been an inside dog, but might adjust.  I'm not neutered, but I'm up-to-date on shots.   I need a home that will be patient with me. I am loyal and very affectionate once I get to know my humans. And I am extremely sweet!!  So why do I need a new home?  My humans are moving in September and can't take me with them.  Do you have the ideal new home for me?  I'm willing to give it a try if you are."

For more information, call Nichelle Tatum at 734-469-0572 or email her at nichelle-tatum@att.net

Daisy May Duke  Daisy May Duke 

Daisy May Duke

Greenfield, WI

"Who is this Akita wannabe? My name is Daisy May Duke. I am an American pit, about two years old. I’m sweet as honey-glazed caramel apple pie. I love to cuddle and lounge with my humans. Sit down on a couch, and I’ll just melt beside you. I’m very laid back. I can sit, stay, lay down and speak when told to inside. Outside is another issue. I just want to run and play, so I choose to ignore my humans most of the time. Who wouldn’t, when the whole world awaits? My feistiness is also because I’m still a pup and still learning. The right human can teach me some manners, though because I'm very smart.

I get along well with other dogs. I know my place and mind my manners within my pack, but also have a great time playing with them. Dad says I’m respectful, but curious. If another dog starts barking when we’re walking, I obey dad and stay true and just keep on walking. I need a dad like the one I have now – strict but loving. I’ve been around children, too, though not raised with them. Dad has a big family, and when they all get together, I’m a princess with children of all ages.

I’m spayed and up to date on rabies. But I do have a regurgitation problem. My throat muscles are too big for me to swallow effectively. So I sometimes regurgitate my food. My condition is curable, but dad can’t afford the cure. That’s one of the reasons he can’t keep me. He also wants a better home for me. We live in a duplex with barely a yard, and he works nine hours a day. He wants better for me because I’m such a sweet girl and deserve better. He wasn’t my first dad. My first owners abandoned me in the cold of winter, chained to a garage door. Some nice lady brought me to my dad. He really loves me and hates to see me go, but I need a home where I can get the treatment I need, and have a large yard to run and play with you.  Do you have the ideal home for me?"

For more information, contact Patricio Dorantes at pj.dorantes91@gmail.com or call him at 414-899-5926.  

Kimber  Kimber 


Noblesville, IN

"Who is this pretty little lady?  My name is Kimber.  I'm a 3-yr old Akita who LOVES people.  I really love being outside, too. When I'm not outside, I just want to be at your side, even when you are sleeping.  I know good from bad, but sometimes I choose not to care about being bad. I get along with other male dogs, but not so much with female dogs. I wasn't raised with children, but I've always had positive interactions with them.  I'm healthy, current on rabies, with no bite record.  So why do I need a new home?  As I said, I don't get along with other females, especially the ones I live with.  My ideal home is one where I am frequently with my humans, I have a large yard to run in, and a home without other female dogs.  Does that sound like your home?  If so, I'd like to make it mine." 

For more information, contact Spencer Sharp at spencersharp21@gmail.com, or call him at 317-767-4453.  

Bella  Rotten 

Bella and Rotten

Galveston, IN

"Bella means beautiful, and that's what I am.  That's me on the left.  I am a 4-yr old AKC registered Akita.   This is Rotten, my mate.   He's also four years old.   We've been together since we were puppies.   I've been with my human mom for 16 months.  Rotten joined me four months later.  We used to live with someone else, but they didn't want us any more.  I was getting food aggressive toward Rotten, so I needed a new home.   My mom took me in without knowing that I don't like small dogs or cats.  She had three Yorkies.  Sadly, I killed one of them, as well as the neighbor's cat.  My new family wasn't happy with me and tried to give me back, but my first mom couldn't take me back, and they also had to get rid of Rotten, which is when he joined me.  Rotten isn't anything like me.   He's a gentle giant.  The cats are gone now.  The small dogs go outside in the front yard.  Rotten and I use the back yard.  But he doesn't like to stay there.  He jumped the 4-ft fence one day and pinned down the neighbor's dog, but didn't kill him.  The neighbors are scared now, and want us out of the neighborhood.  Rotten has to stay on a leash in the yard.  It's not much fun for him.  I'm not spayed, but I'm current on rabies.  Small dogs and cats aren't for me.  And I tend to get food aggressive around large dogs.  I can be really sweet as the only dog in the house, though!  We may have our problems, but with lots of love and patience as the only dog in the house, we can be wonderful and loyal."

For more information, call Melissa Diedrick at 574-721-3773 or email her at  31missyk@gmail.com 

Abby  Abby 


Frederickstown, MO

"Hello!  Don't let the fence distract from my beauty.  My name is Abbigial.  I'm a five-year old Akita.  I'm a loving dog and a big cuddler.  My favorite cuddler and playmate is my human brother.  He can come by me anytime he wants and I wouldn't complain, even though he's five and a handful.  I'm spayed, but not current on rabies.  I don't have a bite record.  So why do I need a new home?  It's just that I don't get along with other animals.  I like being the only animal in the house. And I would love to be in a house where I could be up on the couch with you and be your best friend. Right now I'm outside in the garage because of my attitude toward the other dogs in the house.  If you would want to make me a part of your family please contact my mom.  It's important that you know and understand the unique qualities of the Akita breed."

For more information, call Nicole Montgomery at 573-330-9043 or email her at nicole-montgomery@sbcglobal.net

 Youngstown girls  Youngstown Girls

Youngstown girls  Youngstown girls


Youngstown, OH

"URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR THESE DOGS. I came across these 2 dogs lying on a street corner.  So I spoke to an employee at a business across the street.  He was about to call the pound. He believed they were dumped, as he had never seen them before and they weren't there the day before. They do look like they were well taken care of (the larger one more so than the younger one). Both came to me when I called, but showed extremely submissive behavior, as though waiting to be hit.  Yet, they are super sweet. A bit on the fearful side, especially so for the young girl, but both have really come out of their shells while in temporary foster care. They are playful and the young one likes to give kisses. And as you can see, they are gorgeous! The older one looks like Shepherd/Akita mix. The younger one, perhaps Shepherd/Retriever.  These 2 were found in an area known for drop-offs. I can't say that is the case, but no one reported any dogs matching their description to the pound and their stray hold was just up yesterday. They are now in temporary housing to keep them out of the overcrowded local pound. They aren't spayed, and we're not sure of their age or medical background.  CAN YOU HELP THESE TWO??"

For more information, visit the shelter's web site at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youngstown-Dogs-Surviving-the-Streets/172569426236079 or contact Tanja Lynn at 330-518-8218.

 Pure  Pure

Grant Park, IL

"Available for adoption: Large & energetic three-year old female Akita "Pure". We prefer no other dogs or children due to her large size and energetic nature, we're looking for a home with a fenced in yard, no dogs and no children.  To arrange a "meet & greet" contact Cecilia at: akitaland@aol.com"

For more information, please email Cecilia at akitaland@aol.com

 Daisy   Daisy

Prophetstown, IL

"Hi, my name is Daisy - a sweet name for a sweet girl. I am a 4-year old Akita mix and I weigh about 50 lbs. I am a very gentle girl, and I take treats gently from your hand. I am full of energy, needing a firm hand on the leash. But I listen well and will come when called. My favorite treat? A good belly rub! I travel well in the car too, and love car rides. I am not particularly fond of other dogs or cats. So if I’m your only four-legged friend, that would be great! I am spayed, current on shots, and I take my preventative heartworm medicine like a good girl. I wish I could stay with my humans, but right now I’m living in a boarding kennel because they can’t take care of me like they wish they could. My human dad has terminal cancer, so it’s not feasible for them to take care of me. All my humans want for me is proper care and exercise, and to finally know the love of my own family in my own home. Being in the boarding kennel here isn’t quite the same. Do you have the perfect home for me? Do you have a heart full of love for a beautiful girl?"

For more information, please call Judy Welbourne at (815) 590-2218 or email her at welbourne@essex1.com

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