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The following Akitas are being listed as a free service to Rescues, Shelters and Owners. We make every effort to post timely, accurate, and reliable information.  However, these dogs have not been evaluated for temperament or health by a MARS Representative and MARS accepts no responsibility for their direct placement. We are available for assistance and consultation to help insure the best placement and transition.

Aleu and Dodge 
Aleu and Dodge  Aleu and Dodge 

Aleu and Dodge

Lincoln, IL

"Who is this special pair, you ask? We are Aleu and Dodge. We have the same parents but are from different litters.  I'm the big sister, Aleu, at 3 years old. I am sweet and sassy and very loyal. I quickly become a little shadow following you everywhere, just waiting to lick your hands and sit and shake for you. I love to walk but gets a little over excited and pull a bit. Overall, I walk well. I love kids but I don't do well with other dogs, particularly other girl dogs. I get a little grumpy and protective. I am very bonded to my little brother, Dodge. But keep me away from cats and small animals. I don't do well with them. I am kennel- trained and need to be crated when alone because I have some minor separation anxiety. Otherwise, I am very well mannered and behaved.

Let me tell you about Dodge. He is a loveable clown. He's always around to pick you up and make you laugh. He is silly and loveable. He doesn't realize he's a big bear. He thinks he's a lap dog and tries to convince you too. He loves absolutely everyone from kids to other dogs. He is always happy and looking for someone to give him pats. He walks well on a leash and is kennel trained and knows the basic sit, but likes to sass. He has a control feed bowl because he's very excited about food and starts to hyperventilate from eating too quickly. He's the kind of dog to always know where you are and always be there to cheer you up and be a big lovable silly best friend.

So if we're so amazing, why do we need a new home? Well, mom's living situation changed and she can't afford to keep us any more.  It breaks her heart to give us up, but knows it's for the best. Especially if she knows that home is loving and kind like the one we have now."

For more information email Kayla Breedwell at kaylagarvey52212@yahoo.com or call 216-396-0783. (December 2017)

Ellie Ellie


Wauseon, OH

"Look up the word 'beautiful' in the dictionary, and you'll see my picture. Hello! My name is Ellie. I'm a 3-year old female Akita who loves the outdoors, warm or cold! I am a loving dog who attaches to women. I love company and I'm anxious when left alone. I get along great with other dogs and cats, although I do have a high prey drive. I need a lot of exercise. If you open the gate, I'll be off like the wind to get it. Mom's been working with me on obedience - sit, come, heel, wait, stop (as we are walking), and the jumping when she comes in the door. So someone will have a very well-behaved girl. Mom uses a remote collar, but just the sound and vibration, never the shock. I'm doing much better because now. I only need the sound for correction. And I don't jump on mom when she enters the house. With the collar on I am able to walk obediently outside, although mom keeps me on a 15 foot training lead on my safety. But I'd still do best with an experienced dog owner who is familiar with the breed.  I'm healthy, up to date on shots and don't have a bite record. But as happy as I am here with my humans, I can't stay here for long. When my owner moved out, she left me with her mom.  But dad is disabled, so it's difficult for mom to take care of us both. If you want lots of love and a fluffy ball of energy in the house, then maybe you'll find room for me.  I need to find a new home within six months. I'm hoping that home is yours."

For more information email Sue Nadasky at Llfromrussiawithlove@gmail.com or call 216-396-0783. (October 2017 - Updated November 2017)

Ben   Ben

  Ben   Ben


Lebanon, MO

"Hey there!  My name is Ben. You probably noticed I'm not a purbred Akita, but I am an Akita mix. I was brought to Missouri from SAPA in Texas, and adopted out from there, where I lived in a crowded home with 20 other dogs until I was rescued by Pound Pullers of Lebanon, MO. I've been with my new human for several weeks now. Before that, I was kept outside in a pen with food and water, with little to no physical contact. Now I have a pen and dog house, and I get to run around in the back yard for exercise. So it's not surprising I started showing attachment to my new human. I show affection, then go off to do my own thing. I let her touch me all over, and I get excited when I see her. I even started to give her butterfly kisses. I don't bark much at all. Walking is a bit of a challenge, though, because I tend to pull on the leash. I show prey drive to cats, and have to be kept caged inside when they're around. I quiet down after a while, so maybe I'll get used to them one day. I haven't had much direct contact with other dogs before living with my human. I get along well with the Heeler in the house, and my new best friend is the 19lb female Chow mix. We love to play for hours in the back yard. I sit for treats, and I like squeaky toys. Car rides make me very happy too. I love to visit the local Pet Store, and I behave well until I see the adoptable kitties.

I had a severe ear infection, which the vet treated once. I'll have to go again in another week. I still shake my head, but I'm told my ears look so much better. I also have a sore on front left paw, probably from boredom licking. It is healing nicely with daily treatment. My humans have no idea of my background family. Otherwise, I weigh 75 lbs., have good teeth and I'm in good health. I tested negative for heartworms and I've been on Heartguard since then. I'm neutered and up to date on vaccinations. I behave well at the vet. The rescue suggests a home with no other dogs or children until I can be evaluated to know how I would act. A yard would be good. I'd love to be able to run free. Do you have the ideal home for me?"

For more information call Anita Bohannon at 417-533-2338 or email her at anitajanebo@aol.com. (October 2017)

Kuma  Kuma


Portage, IN

"Talk about Black Beauty!  My name is Kuma. I am a 4-year old Akita. My family has had me since I was 9 weeks old. I was raised with three other dogs and three cats, but I've attacked each one of the cats multiple times. I am fine with the dogs, But I have to be separated from them during meal time because I don't share and get aggressive. As for children, I've always been fine with my three-year old human brother. He's a vey calm kid so there were never any issues. But my 1-year old human sister is very wild and crazy. I sometimes get weird with her. It scares mom mostly because she's afraid I might bite her one day. And baby number three is on the way, too, so it will get really crazy around here. Mom is home alone all day with all of us, and we're getting to be too much to handle. Mom says I deserve someone who can give me the attention and time I need, preferably someone without cats or kids. I'm healthy, and mom plans on getting me spayed before re-homing. I really am a wonderful girl. Do you have a home for me?"

For more information email Frank Quarles at kira.quarles@yahoo.com  (September 2017)

Dakota  Cody

Dakota and Cody

Merrillville, IN

"Okay, so here's the thing. We were both rescued by mom so we wouldn't end up in a shelter. But now mom and dad can't keep us with a baby on the way.  The house is getting too small. I'm Dakota (on the left). I'm an eight year old Akita. That's my brother Cody on the right. He's a one-year old Akita/Cane Corso mix. We're sort of opposites in our temperament. I'm laid back and well mannered. But I tend to wander when walking if I'm not on a leash. So keep me close! Cody is more energetic. He's a young playful puppy in a bog dog body. We're current on rabies, but not neutered. Do you have room in your home for one of us? We don't have to be adopted together. Please take us home so mom can be assured we're safe and sound and not on the streets."

For more information email Chris Ellis at chris31sean@gmail.com   or call him at 870-884-0280. (August 2017)

Kuma  Kuma 

Kuma Bear

Olathe, KS

"Who is this mellow fellow?  My name is Kuma Bear. I am a 3-year old male Akita who was adopted at 6 weeks old by my current family. I was raised with two girls, now ages 7 and 11. I also live with an 8-lb., female terrier mix who arrived about 8 months ago as a 3-lb. puppy. We have great fun together, despite our size difference. I am housetrained and have never been destructive in the home. I will stay in a kennel if necessary, but I'm not used to being in it for long periods of time. I walk well on a leash, and love to play fetch in my fenced yard. I know sit and shake and I am treat motivated. I have the stubborn streak at times, so very characteristic of my breed. I am very bonded to my humans. Like all Akitas, I am protective of them, but not aggressive. I am quiet unless I need to warn them of an unexpected guest or something concerning outside. When you first meet me, I can be initially shy, reserved and fearful of men and strangers I don't know. I do best with females and older children, but eventually warm up to others. As a pup, I had a horrible allergic reaction to the rabies vaccine and went into anaphylactic shock, so I am not up to date on vaccinations.

Why do I need a new home? Because of a recent incident with a relative's cat. I had never been exposed to cats before and I was staying with a relative for a few days. I missed my family and was anxious in a different home. After a cat began to taunt me, I chased the cat. A relative intervened in that very excited and chaotic moment and unfortunately, I bit the relative as an accident. They are fine, but very nervous now having me around. This person is a frequent child care provider for my humans, so they had to make the difficult decision to re-home me. Experts believe the circumstances caused me to bite, but I need a new home just to be safe. I hope to find a wonderful new home with someone experienced with the breed. We can play, take walks, or just plain chill. Can you help me?" 

For more information email Shannon Johnson at sleeperks@hotmail.com or call her at 913-208-5195. (July 2017)

Teddy Bear  Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Erie, MI

"You can probably guess why my name is Teddy Bear. I am a 4-year old long-hair male Akita. And just like teddy bears, I am very loving and very playful. I get daily time outdoors where I enjoy running free in the back yard. But even though I listen well, I am also very dominant. So I don't get along with the other pets in my house. That's why I'm looking for a new home. I am crate trained. I am not neutered, nor am I up to date on my rabies. So I'll need a trip to the vet as well. My ideal home would be a one pet home - ME! I promise to love you and cuddle with you, just like the teddy bear I am." 

For more information email Shelly Miller at miller5906@yahoo.com or call her at 419-913-8704. (June 2017)

Bear  Bear


"Hello there! My name is Bear. If you're thinking I don't look like an Akita, you're right. I am an honorary Akita in the body of a Siberian Husky!  They say that I am 12 years old but I don't feel like it. I have a good energy level and really enjoy going out with my foster and new friends. But I'd rather come and live with you. My Mom and Dad have new work schedules that don't give them much time to care for me. Mom's allergies are acting up, too. They love me a lot and it was hard for them to ask Indy Homes For Huskies to find me a new home. Before coming into rescue, I had spent about a year confined to my crate for 23 hours a day. Yet, I am a gentle and loving dog and would really like my own human.

Although I've lived alone most of my life, I am doing well out in the yard with 4 other sled dogs at my foster home. I sure do enjoy my walks and behave well on a leash, going out together with one or two of my new friends every morning and evening. I've even learned a few of the sled dog cues. That makes me feel like I am a smart dog and it sure makes our walks easy. I behave pretty well in the house too and really enjoy all the petting and cuddling that I get indoors. Won't you please consider taking me home?

I really want a home where I don't have to share my human with too many dogs. If there is another dog, it would have to be a low key dog who is relaxed and easy going. Although I am a senior dog, I have good energy and want to share some good times with a loving human who shares my passion for walks. We can help each other stay young."

Read more about me here: http://indyhomesforhuskies.rescuegroups.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=9465215

For more information email the Indy Home for Huskies at  jclem@indyhomesforhuskies.org or call them at (317) 251-7297. (June 2017)

Kirby  Kirby


Raytown, MO

"Who is this furry little face? My name is Kirby.  I am a healthy 8-year old female pure-bred Akita and just a big sweet teddy bear at heart.  When I'm in an environment I'm 100% comfortable in, I'm an amazing companion - very playful, very loyal,  and very protective.  In fact, I was very attached to the man who raised me.  Sadly, he passed away.  I'm with his daughter now, but I'm not adapting well there. I've killed chickens, and attacked and bitten small dogs and cats. I don't like to share toys, food or attention. It's all about me, and I'm not about to bend in my ways. Also, I don't like strangers, and I don't do well with separation. I'm current on my rabies, but I am not spayed. I need a new home soon!  But it has to be a special one.  It is highly recommended I live with a male human who is single, and without small children or small animals. I know that's asking a lot, but I also know there's someone special out there for a special girl like me." 

For more information email Jenn Thaler at jkrivulka79@gmail.com or call Jenn at 816-442-4052.

May 2017

Cheveyo Cheveyo


Midland, MI

"Cheveyo - Spirit Warrior.  That's me.   I am a four year old Akita husky mix, an independent spirit and full of energy. I know how to sit, stay, lay down, shake, sit at the door and allow my humans out first, and I walk with minimal corrections on a leash. As you can see by the photo, I ride very well in cars. I am house and crate trained as well. I am good with other dogs, with proper introductions, of course. I am excellent with older kids. I am neutered, up to date on all vaccines, have a current negative heartworm test, and I've been treated for fleas and parasites. I am also microchipped.  I'm in shelter right now.  And while the people here are very kind to me, I really want a home of my own.  But I should not be placed with small dogs or cats due to my high prey drive.  Also, I have a dominant personality - who would have guessed?  So I must go to a home where my new people can show me who's boss.  If not, I will without a doubt push my people as far as I can.

For more information email Linda Atkins at Petrescue70@gmail.com or call her at 989-326-2589.

January 2017

Roxy  Roxy


Omaha, NE

"What a beauty I am, don't you agree?  My name is Roxy.  I am a 16-month old female Akita.  I am a great dog.  I'm housebroken and get along with other dogs and people.  I've never given my humans any problems.  I haven't been spayed, but I'm current on rabies.  If I'm so wonderful, why do I need a new home?  My owners are moving and won't have time for me anymore.  That will happen in January, so I really need a new home soon!  I promise I'll be just as good for you as I am for my humans now." 

For more information call Tommie at 402-805-0497 or email Tommie Meeks at tommie.meeks@yahoo.com.

December 2016

King  King


Chicago, IL

"Who is this big boy?  My name is King.  I am a 5-year old Akita.  I have the typical Akita personality. I am head strong, but I listen well to commands.  I need a lot of space to run and play.  But give me the indoors to relax with my people after a long afternoon of exercise. I adore the older child in my human's family because I grew up with her, but I don't really like to be around the new baby.I don't get along with other dogs either, especially the neighbor's dog whom I attacked.  I am neutered and healthy, with no medical conditions.  While I love my humans, and they love me, I need a new home because they are moving.  So if you have a house without small children, but with a fenced yard, that's ideal for me.  Oh and no other dogs either.  We probably wouldn't get along.  I'm ready to run and play with you!"   

For more information  call Kirsten Cole at 312-731-1688 or email her at kqckkb@gmail.com

July 2016



Galveston, IN

"Don't let the name fool you. I'm really a good boy. My name is Rotten. I am a five-year old Akita who had been living with my best friend, Bella, since we were puppies. Our humans need to re-home us, and Bella has already moved on. I'm a gentle giant.  But I don't like staying in the back yard. I jumped the 4-ft fence one day and pinned down the neighbor's dog, but didn't kill him.  The neighbors are scared now, and want me out of the neighborhood.  So sadly, I have to stay on a leash in the yard.  It's not much fun for me. Nor do get along with the Great Dane and Great Pyrenees dogs in my house. But I can be really sweet as the only dog in the house!  I may have my problems, but with lots of love and patience as the only dog in the house, I can be wonderful and loyal."

For more information, call Melissa Diedrick at 574-721-3773 or email her at  31missyk@gmail.coma> 

Feb 2016

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