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Our Orphans

Are all equal in our eyes—young or old, show quality or pet
We see them through the eyes of rescue
Beyond physical apperance, beyond age, beyond judgment
Each one deserving of love, compassion and a forever home
We see their spirit and love them equally
We kindly ask that you do the same.

MARS has Akitas available for fostering and adoption at several midwest locations. See additional information on the breed and our application.

Many of the Akitas we rescue require extended veterinary and foster care before they become available for adoption. Our adoption fee covers only a very small portion of these expenses. We rely heavily on generous donations from our fellow Akita lovers.


Menomoninee, WI

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Dakota Dakota Dakota

Dakota's Video Hi, my name is Dakota. I’m 6 years old, 78 lbs and a Virgo. I love butt rubs, knucklebones, walks, hotdogs and lying outside in the fenced backyard. I don’t care much for baths, cats, other dogs and strangers – as you can tell, I’m a pretty typical Akita.

I would love to have a REAL forever home. I have had two since I arrived in a kennel in Cleveland, Ohio as a MARS foster dog in 2011 and both of them failed me. The people at the kennel were really nice and I was able to go for fun walks with them but then they told me I was getting adopted and going to my "forever home" with my new Dad. I was very happy for almost a year but then Dad's new wife brought home a little dog and I had to go since my new "Mom" didn’t want a big dog so Dad sent me back to MARS in November of 2012.

This time I ended up in Menomonie Wisconsin in another kennel. I enjoyed myself there - played a lot, went to obedience class and became "kennel buddies" with another foster Akita, Addie. But then, my dreams came true and my next "forever family" came and adopted me in July of 2013. I was so happy!! I had a Mom, Dad, a teenage sister and best of all – I was the only pet!! I finally found where I was supposed to be! Then, my "forever family" had some personal issues and though I tried living with my "Dad", it wasn't working with his schedule. "Mom" had already gone out and gotten a cat so I wasn't welcome there either. Back to MARS I went, again. I waited with my "not-so-forever" parents in a parking lot for my foster Mom to come and get me. I couldn't understand what I did wrong but my foster Mom said it wasn't my fault. She cried while I looked out that back window for a long time, even though I couldn't see my "family" anymore.

I was really sad for the first couple of weeks but my "kennel buddy", Addie, was still there and my foster parents showed me lots of love (even though they put me on a diet!!) so I felt better soon. Things were great for a while, I even started going for walks with Addie, got to run in the HUGE backyard, got lots and lots of "butt rubs" and knuckle bones!! But then, I started to have trouble getting up and it hurt to run. My foster parents took me to see Dr. Margaret and after some x-rays she told them that I have hip dysplasia. Now I get these yummy fish oil pills (I save them for dessert after my breakfast), something called "Cosequin DS" sprinkled on my food (I don’t like the chewable pills) and a anti-inflammatory pill (my foster Mom says it's only a very small dose). I also go to see Dr. Margaret every 10 weeks for a chiropractic adjustment and I FEEL GREAT!! I run so fast and have soooo much energy - who would guess that I was going to be 6 this year?!?! I love my foster parents and my "kennel buddy" Addie but I would really like a home and family of my own where I can be the only 4 legged princess of the house. But for now, until my REAL FOREVER FAMILY finds me, I will wait patiently.

If you are interested in Dakota, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Cleveland, OH

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Aliss Aliss Aliss

Aliss is 1 year old female. She came to MARS via an owner surrender – The owner had issues, not Aliss. Within seconds upon meeting her most fall madly in love. She is magic and has a way of leaping into hearts with her soulful eyes. Compact Aliss has a tightly curled “Mohawk” tail, red highlights on top of her head, a black spot on her tongue, and beautiful silver highlights on her cape, shoulders, and tail. Stunning!

She is normally aloof around other dogs but when challenged she confidently displays her dominance. Most experienced Akita people are prepared for this attribute – It is a defining feature of Aliss. Those who celebrate it are in good shape. Those who are complacent about this with likely set her up for failure. She is a huntress and she loves to watch birds – which is hilarious to witness. Around people she is a lover, pleaser, and a clown – Thank goodness because she attracts attention! She is loyal and trusting. It doesn’t take long to imagine a whole life with Aliss. Somebody will be lucky to share it with her.

If you are interested in Aliss, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Cleveland, OH

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Karma Karma Karma

Karma's VideoOur little Karma chameleon was confiscated from her owners in Missouri as a neglect case. She eventually made her way to rescue. And now what a difference! She’s healthy, heavier (now 75 lbs.), and happy. Karma is likely about 3-4 years old. She is smart and she is sweet. Karma loves attention and gives as good as she gets. She is easy to walk, tolerates other dogs on walks, and has won the kennel’s calmest dog award. “Sweetheart” is the descriptor that all her various handlers have used when asked to characterize our Karma. Now she needs a loving adopter to continue the turn of the wheel of fortune in her direction. For more information about Karma and to arrange a visit, contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302. MARS has Akitas available for fostering and adoption at several midwest locations.


Cleveland, OH

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Keesha Keesha Keesha

A shelter in Columbus, Ohio received Keesha in their night deposit, with a note (no name) that she was housebroken and “good with dogs”. She was also heartbroken to be so abandoned, but happier now that she is with MARS. Keesha is barely a year old, and weighs about 80 lbs.: she’s a big favorite with our volunteers. Keesha is super friendly, will greet people with enthusiasm and a wagging tail, and then sit for treats. She rides well in a car, walks willingly on leash, and loves her brief exercise time outdoors.

For more information on Keesha, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Cleveland, OH

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Ivy Ivy Ivy

Ivy's VideoIvy is a 75 lb. Akita/Shepherd mix who was picked up as a stray. MARS rescued her just hours before she was scheduled to be put down by animal control. What a shame that would have been, because Ivy is a beautiful dog who loves everyone she meets. She already knows basic commands,learns new commands easily, walks well on a leash and is a confident girl. She would probably make a good agility dog. Pictures alone can't capture her lively and loving nature. She is a must-see-to-believe kind of girl. If you would like to see what Ivy has to offer, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Cleveland, OH

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Natasha Natasha Natasha

Natasha, a 7-year-old female came to us along with a younger female, Suki (who has already found her forever home). They came from an armed service person who was serving our country overseas when she found that the family member watching her Akitas had died suddenly and there was no one to care for the two females.

Natasha is a very mellow girl who obeys basic commands and is easy to walk and non-aggressive to other dogs. She is a very well-mannered Akita. This female is just an easy girl and will "ease" her way into your heart and home. Natasha "Tasha" is presently being fostered in a home in the Cleveland, Ohio area and she is also good with cats.

If you would like to know more about this orphan, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


St. Louis, MO

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Cara  Cara

Cara was found roaming the streets of St. Louis and is approximately 5 years old. She is a beautiful, loving and playful girl. Cara gets along with her dog friends at her foster home and has also done well interacting with children. She may be able to live with a cat. Cara knows many basic commands and is learning more each day; she walks well on a leash, loves to be brushed and petted.

Help Cara make up for her lost time and show her the love she deserves as a member of a forever family. SmartyPaws will provide a free local training session to help transition Cara’s skills to her forever home.

For more information on Cara, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


St. Louis, MO

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Diamond Diamond Diamond

"Diamond in the Rough" is a saying and our Diamond had experienced her "rough" and is now on the road to health and showing her beauty! We believe she is around two years old and most likely mixed with German Shepherd, giving her a very beautiful Akita/Shepherd look and coat.

All her care givers at the kennel in St. Louis say she's a fun girl full of energy! She knows some basic commands and really loves to be with people.

For more information on Diamond, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


St. Louis, MO

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Nadia  Nadia

Chained to a structure near a river in the woods for the first couple of years of her life, Nadia endured inclement weather, solitude and frequent hunger. Thanks to visit from a good Samaritan's weekly visits to Nadia, she was brought hay, food and water as well as to the various other occupants of the area who shared the tie outs with her. Finally the angel visiting was able to purchase Nadia from her owner and brought her to MARS for vetting and placement. Nadia did not hold any ill feelings against humans due to her past lack of care and was found to have a gentle, sweet demeanor. She did prove positive for having Heartworm and we have successfully vetted and treated her for everything and she was placed within a foster home.

Her foster states that she is a "Lab" in "Akita" clothing and has adjusted to in home living like she was born to it. Her foster further states that she walks on lead like a dream and listens to commands along the walks even when encountering squirrels and the occasional skunk and responds to "leave it"! She is an excellent watch dog but not to excess. Nadia has some a long way and is now ready and waiting for her forever home. Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Morning Satinka (Tink)
St. Louis, MO

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Tink Tink Tink

Morning Satinka, our Tink, was purchased from an Auction and was said to be pregnant. Upon checking Tink, it was found that she was 10 years of age and although they tried to breed her, instead she had mammary tumors and was very underweight and scared. Like the butterfly that morphs from a caterpillar, Tink has shed her sadness and her shyness and has learned to live each day fully and her progress has been both in the physical state and most importantly her mental personality that has blossomed. She is a favorite of all that meet or care for her and our hope for Tink is that she finds a solid foster or forever home where she can show her new found zest for life.

If you would like to meet our Tink or know more about her, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Dakota's Cujo Roo (Percy)
New Jersey

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Percy Percy Percy

Dakota's Cujo Roo, our Percy, was purchased from an auction through Zac's Mission and was said to be the sire to Tink's supposed pregancy. Percy is another 10-year-old male who upon arriving at our medical facility was found to be extremely underweight and Heartworm positive. Percy has gained some health and weight and is ready for a real home and someone to love and care for him versus trying to breed puppies from him. Percy is a very typical male Akita with the face of a bear and one of the most beautiful Akita coats.

Percy, aka Mr. Handsome, is now a happy healthy senior and has been transferred to B.E.A.R., Big East Akita Rescue in New Jersey to help him find his forever home. BEAR has a known record of placing seniors and we want Percy to have his chance finally at a forever home so he is now an East Coast member. Please contact BigEastAkitaRescue@verizon.net for more information on this hunk of an Akita.


Aurora, IL

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Luna Luna Luna

Luna is healthy chunk of brindle female Akita. She is spayed and current with shots, and in all ways healthy and active.

Luna was born with some congenital vision issues that have impaired her now, but will ultimately result in blindness. Her ophthalmological specialist says she has vision in both eyes that is reduced by juvenile cataracts, which at some point in the future may warrant removal to extend her time with serviceable vision. But sadly, there is no treatment that will prevent the inevitable loss of her vision.

She knows the basics commands: Sit, Shake, and "get out of the kitchen." She has proven to be quite smart and resilient, as she quickly has adapted to her foster surroundings. She thunders up and down stairs and it is impossible to tell there is a vision issue at all. In unfamiliar surroundings it is more easily observed as she occasionally bumps into things in her peripheral areas. She thrives out in the world so long as her companion is there to lookout for her. Confident even off-leash, when in a new place she prefers to stay close and relies on her friends for navigational clues.

Luna is charming and enthusiastically greets people. She's extremely playful towards the two large male Akitas with whom she fosters. Luna is assertive when seeking attention, walks, or rides in the car. She sleeps in the same bed as a cat and has never shown a hint of aggression towards anything. She's always willing to share her food, toys, and treats. Luna loves being outside and is fascinated by the geese, squirrels, and golfers that pass by.

The ideal situation would be to get Luna settled into a stable forever home that understands the future challenges and is sensitive to the needs of a visually impaired member of the family. It would be best for her to acclimate to the new environment and routine while young and her vision is fairly functional. She is a 6 month-old baby who will brighten the lives of those around her and a very special girl who needs just a little help to have an active and happy life.

If you would like to know more about our Luna, contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Yellow Springs, OH

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Rex  Rex

MARS was contacted by a concerned vet tech at a clinic in Ohio about a young male Akita who was brought in by his breeder to be put down as he carried the gene for an auto immune disease. We immediately fell in love with this young male who was just two years of age and has a personality and temperament to die for. He is not showing any degree of sickness nor blindness from the VKH genes that he apparently carries and is in full remission. We had him completely vetted and neutered. His foster explains that Rex really wants to have dog friends and seems to like everybody he encounters, both two-legged and four-legged. He is rapidly learning house rules and is loving his foster home. If you wish to learn more about Rex or help sponsor him, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.



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Ellie Ellie Ellie

Momma Ellie who watched over her pups Izzy and Sophie so well, is a young female around 2.5 years of age. Ellie initially was very scared of anyone new and took a few days to realize that no one was going to hurt her but they would be dishing out wonderful food and treats. Ellie is coming around now and once she knows and trusts you, she loves the belly rubs that she gets when she shows her tummy and rolls over for more. Ellie is a very attractive Pinto female and if you are interested in knowing more about her, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Central Michigan area

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Hank Hank Hank

Meet Our New Orphan – Handsome Hank! "I used to walk in the shade with my blues on parade, but I'm not afraid-this rover's crossed over"...to rescue!

Here's Hank on his way out of the shelter in Louisville, and on his way to the safety and security of rescue. Hank is in a temporary foster home with MARS and would love to leave his worries on the doorstep of a more permanent foster home, or even better, a forever home.

This distinguished gent is about 6 years old and deserves a life that matches the meaning of his name—“ruler of a household or estate”. Gee, does that mean every Akita thinks they are named Hank? Hank is good with other dogs and even cats but does prefer human company most of all. Happy disposition and gentle nature are just some of his attributes. If you can provide a safe and loving home for the pitter pat and happy tune that is Hank’s step, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.

PS: Our sincere thanks to our wonderful friends at the Metro Louisville Shelter who always look beyond the stereotypes and see the dog that is in front of them and to all those helping Hank to safety.


Indianapolis, IN

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Joy Joy Joy

Joy is a very gorgeous 6 1/2 year old female who is not having a lot of joy in her life at the present time. Joy's life long caregivers went into a nursing home due to age and poor health and the remaining family members took Joy to a shelter. She not only lost her home but found herself in a kill shelter. MARS, upon being notified of her predicament, evaluated her and found her to be a very well-behaved beautiful Akita who really needed to be back in someone's home and heart. She is trained and fully vetted now and is a perfect example of Akita endurance.

If you would like to bring some "Joy" into your home and heart, contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302 and we can tell you more about this Akita female.


Oregon, WI


Bernie Bernie Bernie

Want to meet the most friendly and endearing big boy Akita....well then Bernie is the one. Bernie lived with a family for the first 5 and 1/2 years of his life. Along came a young child that was very allergic to dog and cat hair so they brought Bernie and his best Bud St. Bernard to a shelter in Waukegan Ill. MARS knew the shelter well and when we were called, we immediately made plans to take Bernie into our care while the St. Bernard went to a breed specific rescue also. Bernie was transferred up to Wisconsin where he enjoys daily walks and play time with his visiting care giver and although the kennel is not a home, Bernie hopes to find himself once again in a forever home. He is excellent with other dogs and has not found an human that he does not love. If you are interested in meeting or adopting our Bernie, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.


Cleveland, OH


Hatchi Hatchi Hatchi

Hatchi is a 10 month old neglect case from western Ohio. The county welfare league coordinator who contacted MARS for placement wrote, "This is a really nice little girl; I am sure she will not last long.” Happy little Hatchi, new MARS orphan, is a petite 55 lbs. She is very inquisitive about her surroundings, specializing in greeting new people on her walks in the park. She walks well on a leash, and will sit for her treats. While her kennel is a step up from her former situation, she would love a permanent home and even more human attention.

For more information on Hatchi, please contact Deanna O'Brien at marsakita@sbcglobal.net or 773-594-9302.

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Akitas are wonderful, but they are not for everyone.  If you are thinking of getting an Akita, we strongly urge you to research the breed thoroughly. Education and preparation are the foundations to a long, loving relationship. Finding a reputable rescue organization or breeder is the first step. For further information on the breed please read the literature under "Akita Information" at the top of this screen or visit the Akita Club of America website at http://www.akitaclub.org


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